Do I Really Need a Brand Coach?

Thanks to the internet, everyone is a coach or consultant. However hiring the right coach can be the difference between your business being a flip or flop! 

I invested in a business coach and I know hands down this was one of the best decisions I made to get my business to the next level. Having a coach hold me accountable and push me to step out of my comfort zone helped me expand my reach and confidence. My coach has been on this journey so she saved me from making the same mistakes she did. Having the ability to talk with someone who gets it really makes a difference. When starting out many of us waste time and money because we are walking in the dark and no idea of what to do next. 

Before jumping out there and giving your hard earned money away, here are 3 things that a coach can do for you:

3 Things a Coach Can Do For You:

1. Provide a safe space to share ideas, concerns, and help you get your mind right!

2. The ultimate accountability partner, keeping you focused on your goals and mission.

3. Helps you see things in a different light or fill in the missing pieces of must haves in your business.

 Are you ready to take your business to the next level, and don’t know where to begin? If you are reading this more than likely you are a business owner, on your way to starting a business, or maybe already started a business and not getting the momentum you want. Brand coaching is a essentially the same thing as a business coach but focusing on the elements of your business from a different angle.

My coaching clients have seen changes in their business just off initial strategy sessions. A brand coach can help you take the chaos in your mind and give clarity to  your vision. Understanding the psychology behind picking colors, understanding how copy can entice readers to be engaged all comes down to your brand. Think about some of your favorite brands and why you frequent their sites or buy their products. 

Let’s examine your brand and see what a brand coach can do for you:

So how can a brand coach help you? 

1. Define your struggles- What areas are keeping you up at night? What are the things you wish you could do better?   

2. Establish clear goals and objectives- You have a million ideas swirling in your mind and you need clarity on how to get focused. Always put S.M.A.R.T goals into practice Specific, Measurable, Action oriented, Results Oriented, and Tangible.

3. Create an action plan- Create the strategy and get it done. 

As a branding coach I teach my clients the background knowledge of the importance of choosing the right colors, does it match the voice you imagine for your brand? Small details like that can make a huge impact on your brand. 

Brand coaches also help with marketing and sales, to grow your business and attract your desired audience.

These are just a few highlights to what a good brand coach can do to get you moving in the right direction. If you are ready to grow your brand with a solid foundation think of hiring a brand coach today! 

Just like any program, you must put in the work to get results.