Jocelyn Noelle

Jocelyn Noelle


Jocelyn Noelle is a social media, branding, marketing and public relations strategist and founder of The J Agency Communications Group LLC dedicated to helping start-ups, rising, and established business’ slay their passion on purpose.

Jocelyn coaches and consults small business’ on how to brand their brilliance to grow a phenomenal brand. Her years in communications and education have provided her a unique way to create solutions in order to teach others how to grow into successful, profitable brands both on and offline.

Jocelyn specializes in all aspects of digital business along with branding, social media, marketing and public relations. 

The J Agency Story

The J Agency Communications Group LLC is a branding, marketing, and public relations consulting firm founded by Jocelyn Noelle in 2012. After working in media for several years she decided to take her own passion and purpose and start her own company.

“Have you ever reached a point in your career where you are tired of  building everyone else’s dreams but keep putting yours on the back burner? That was certainly me in 2012! I was helping everybody and their mother build their dreams and I was still stagnant. So I took a leap of faith and took my love of media and education and The J Agency was born.”

There are so many amazing business owners that have awesome products and services that are not flourishing because their branding is not the greatest. I’m changing this! My goal is to teach YOU how to Brand Your Brilliance and really let your brand shine through.

I work with entrepreneurs to help them increase their media exposure and impact by making sure their stories are told. My clients have been featured on, Black Enterprise Magazine,, and a host of other publications. “Helping others walk in their purpose” showing small business owners and entrepreneurs how to slay their passion on purpose through social media marketing, branding, marketing, and public relations. 

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With Twitter, Periscope, and the other 99 million social media sites how can you not get caught up with information overload? You MUST understand that everyone must walk in THEIR purpose, so stop comparing yourself to others.

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Stop playing small and let The J Agency propel your brand to the next level!