Social Media Tips to Get Your Business Moving

Social Media Tips

Are you that business owner who just can’t get with social media? Keep reading……Over the next few weeks I will give you social media tips to use immediately. 

Social media we can’t escape it! Perhaps, it’s the one thing we can not slack on when it comes to our business. Sure, you’ve heard it over and over again about how you need to be on at least one platform. Truth is, you can’t afford not to be on social media if you own a business. Essentially you are leaving money on the table. 

Fact-The average person thinks about their phone before they even get out of bed, according to a case study conducted at the Braun Research Center and Bank of America. 

What does that mean to you my dear friend? Your audience is looking on social media before doing anything else. Make sure you are producing and contributing valuable content! This helps you to get in front of potential customers, retain current customers, and establish your business within the marketplace! Many businesses are not brick and mortar and aside from your website there are so many different ways to connect with new people. Just imagine the possibilities of really leveraging the internet in your favor. Let’s get to work. 

The next 31 days will provide you with tips that you can use to get your social media strategy together. If you don’t have one get one. If you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about contact me for a Brand Clarity Session, so we can get you moving in the right direction. After all, if you are rocking with The J Agency, you know everything is done with purpose and social media is one of them. 

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