Publicity is Essential to Your Growing Your Business

Unless your name is Beyoncé, let’s face it public relations is a critical part of building your business and brand! Are you still asking yourself how publicity can help you? Here’s a list 25 ways PR can help your business.

Publicity Can Grow Your Business

How Publicity Can Help Your Business

(It’s definitely more but you get the point)

  1. Establish yourself as an expert in your niche
  2. Publicity exposes you to a new audience
  3. Consumers might be undecided on your services but seeing you on tv just made your stock rise
  4. Airtime on a media outlet instead of paying for an ad is always a win
  5. Appearances lead to more appearances
  6. Credibility leads to people trusting your brand more
  7. You are now deemed trustworthy
  8. Consumers will trust your opinion
  9. People seek you out for services
  10. More traffic to your website
  11. Social media numbers will increase
  12. Revenue increases
  13. Quality business opportunities arise
  14. Offers to have guest spots and collaborations are plentiful
  15. Respect among your industry peers
  16. Invites to speaking engagements
  17. Publicity brings investors to your company
  18. Bragging rights (As Seen In, Featured On, Interviewed by)
  19. Awards and recognition
  20. Builds relationships with media for more coverage
  21. Your personal brand becomes stronger
  22. Publicity saves you money in your marketing and advertising budgets
  23. Small business owners are able to have a competitive edge with bigger companies
  24. Publicity can get you a recurring media spot (TV, Radio, Magazine)
  25. You can now say “Google Me Baby”

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